Short liner packer

Robust and high-quality packers for short liner installation

Short liner packers for all applications

Our product range is rounded off by a wide range of robust and high-quality packers in all conceivable dimensions and numerous product variants, both with and without wheels.

In addition, the product range includes various air slide rods, control elements and various accessories.

Household connection packers

Lateral, pneumatic rehabilitation packers for partial repair work.

These packers are suitable for repairs of pipelines with smaller diameters, especially for household connections.

The lateral packers are rounded at both ends, which allows easy insertion through bends. They are equipped with quick couplings and eyebolts. Our offer includes three sizes for pipelines with diameters of 70 mm – 100 mm, 100 mm – 150 mm and 150 mm – 200 mm.

Short rehabilitation packers

Short, pneumatic rehabilitation packers for partial repair work.

Our short packers are equipped with a replaceable, two-layer rubber sleeve attached to a PPH hose. The parts installed in the packers are made of corrosion-resistant materials.

There are three wheels on each side of the packer at an angle of 120° to prevent it from tipping over during movement in the pipeline. The active repair length is 600 mm. They are suitable for repairs of pipeline joints and sections with simultaneous insertion of stainless metal clamps.

Flexible rehabilitation packers

Flexible, pneumatic rehabilitation packers for partial repair work.

The flexible packers are suitable for partial repair of damaged pipeline sections and joints. In combination with resin and reinforcement they guarantee tightness and static strength of the pipeline.

The packers are flexible and can be inserted into the pipe at an angle. They are available in various sizes and cover pipeline diameters from DN 100 to DN 1200 mm. The effective repair length ranges from 600 mm to 4500 mm.