New managing director at I.S.T.

Apr 8, 2020

Mr. Wilfried Oberkönig Dipl.-Ing. has been the second managing director at I.S.T. Innovative Sewer Technologies GmbH/Bochum since February 2020. As the man of the moment, starting in 1999 he made a major and committed contribution to the company’s successful career and rapid development into one of the world’s leading providers of products for trenchless pipe and sewer rehabilitation.

Until now, as an authorised signatory and head of the profit centre, Wilfried Oberkönig has been responsible for the area of machine technology, including UV technology which has developed under his direction into a supporting pillar of the company with great future potential.

In his capacity as managing director, Mr. Oberkönig will also continue to manage and develop the technical part of the company in the future. In particular, his declared goals are new product development and diversification as well as expansion. The management of I.S.T. Innovative Sewer Technologies GmbH/Bochum is currently made up as follows:

  • Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Vogt, managing partner
  • Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Wilfried Oberkönig, managing director
  • Mr. Tim Nieding, authorised signatory – robotics
  • Mr. Holm Reisinger, authorised signatory – sales management
  • Ms. Monika Schmidt – finance/ controlling

We are delighted that, with Mr. Oberkönig, we have been able to occupy this important position from within our own ranks so as to be able to realise the company’s goals in the best possible way in future − also in the interests of our customers and business partners – based on many years of experience, specialist knowledge and competence.